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Anne J Cotto Anne J Cotto

Anne Junita Cotto or normally was written with Anne J Cotto was a model star but also the film actress. The Pontianak birth woman, West Kalimantan, June 29 1974 that was famous with the image of the section's woman in each one of his appearances.

Former Puteri Indonesia Persahabatan 1995, headed the career as the star of the model of the wall paint advertisement and spring bed. Debut his film through the film PANJI TENGKORAK (1996), followed afterwards the TELEGRAM film that was starred in by him with Sudjiwo Tedjo.
Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart
Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart
Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart Anna Dearhart

Her name is Anna Dearhart, an Indonesian actress who loved to be called Anna. Anna Dearhart was born 23 March 1984 in Jakarta. She weights 50kg with the height of 158cm. With a 34C cup, her highest education was in Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Keuangan Perbankan (STEKPI).

Anita Hara was an advertisement model and the Indonesian film star. He often acted with the role that the protagonist, so as the graduate's girl of this Universitas Atmajaya Psychology was not so 'controversial' in acting in his film.

Born in Jakarta, on March 29 1980, Anita Hara that often appeared this section claimed still wanted to continue to study in the matter of acting, including from the friend syuting him in the location.
Anissa Pohan Anissa Pohan

Annisa Larasati Pohan (was born in Boston, the United States, on November 20 1981; the age 27 years) was a Indonesian model. He was religious Islam and had won Gadis Shampo 2001. Beforehand, he became the finalist GADIS Sampul 1997.

Two degrees accompanied the owner's tall girl of the body 164 centimetre that to the celebrity's stage. He was at once rented as the advertisement model. Not only as the model, Annisa cleared the world broadcasting as the radio transmitter OZ, Bandung. He had also become the Bundesliga agenda presenter in RCTI. Ia also was the second daughter from the Deputy Governor BI, Aulia Pohan.
Anggun C Sasmi
Anggun C Sasmi
Anggun C Sasmi

Anggun C Sasmi was one of the famous artists in Indonesia, he also to diva Indonesia in the world of music. "Tua - tua Keladi" and the "Mimpi" were several titles of the song that made him famous in Indonesia. Moreover for the younger generation at this time these songs were still continuing to have an interest taken in him.

His beauty as well as his voice that were beautiful brought together him with Michel Georgea (the man of nationality France) when route show him in Borneo, their love in the world of music made them broke to married. afterwards Anggun also decided to accompany the husband to France at the same time beginning the beginning of his musical career in this country.

Apart from changing his name into Angeliq, Angel Lelga that initially was a Dangdut singer ( Indonesian Music ) finally swerved and tried his fortune in the pop music route.

On the change that happened to himself, both from the name and the musical current, of Angel Lelga felt happy and completely far from the feeling was pressed. That honestly he acknowledged opposite the media that asked, concerning the level of the difficulty that he was natural.
Aline Tumbuan Aline Tumbuan

Aline really understood true with this style of could give destruction for the life someone. ”I had not used illegal drugs. I also not free sex. We must have sex that safe” he stated. Moreover now again the number of spreads of aids that was caused by us often changed couples or practised free sex.

Aline Tumbuan is So sweet with her seksi innocent face, many people in indonesian search her pictures or gambar yang berhubungan dengan kata telanjang, bugil, memek bugil, artis bugil, model bugil, model pakaian telanjang, cewek ngentot or other, but her face is so innocent...